We are happy to see you! and would love to connect you with our great big faith family of Christians in entertainment. Here you will have the opportunity to share a little about you and select the groups and projects you would like to be involved in. The heart of CEG is our community groups where we come together for fellowship, bible study, project sharing as well as development and support of CEG vetted projects. You can also join a team where we are serving through the arts including our work with special abilities youth, foster kids, teens and young adults and others. God is doing amazing things in and through our great big faith family. We look forward to seeing you behind the scenes of CEG. God Bless you!
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  • Beginning to advanced. 101 basic acting, and auditions to scene study, cold reading, advanced class, voice acting, dialects and more.
  • Professional in audio for film and/or TV. Please note experience in notes.
  • Experienced at casting for paid projects.
  • In person bible study Westlake Village
  • Virtual bible study through Zoom.
  • I am interested in learning more about how I can support CEG and our great big faith family of Christians in entertainment through prayer, and helping others within CEG to know Jesus.
  • This list contains every subscriber. You will receive the CEG Newsletter that goes out for the whole group.
  • Fellowship, bible study, prayer.
  • Serve through the arts as we work with special abilities youth, foster kids, teens and young adults who have aged out of the system and sick kids who are going through cancer. Other outreach opportunities are considered. We teach and share the joy of Jesus through dance, music, drumming, singing, drama, art and puppetry.
  • Sharing the joy of Jesus with disadvantaged youth, teens, young adults through art .
  • Serving disadvantaged communities through drumming and music.
  • Join CEG family small group gatherings for movie nights, screenings, discussions, coffee, art, live music and other fellowship events.
  • CEG family members with the gift of prayer. Pray together and for CEG community, at events, in community groups, and teaches how to pray from time to time. May join in virtually or in person.
  • Community group meetings and bible study.
  • Community group gathering for all with worship, fellowship, bible study and music and dance.
  • Community gathering either in person in Westlake, CA or virtually from wherever you are via Zoom. Fellowship, bible study, project sharing, readings and special projects with other CEG groups including writers and production (optional). Community!
  • Fellowship, bible study, project sharing, vetted group projects. Join from wherever you are.
  • Join in for food, fellowship, bible study and community groups for all CEG Entertainment Group.
  • Meets 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month for fellowship, bible study, working on writing projects and sharing individual projects for feedback.
  • Young(er) adults meeting for community gatherings and/or bible study.
  • Dancers and choreographers interested in using their talents in CEG community outreach projects and other projects.
  • Fellowship, bible study, community group, vetted projects. Meets in person in Westlake Village and virtually via Zoom (from wherever you are).
  • Big brother, big sister sort of format, mentorship foster kids, teens and young adults and disadvantaged communities in their pursuit of the arts and their faith journey. May participate virtually through Zoom or in person in the Los Angeles and Westlake Village area.
  • The CEG Praise Team is a group of singers, dancers, musicians, DJ's, composers, vocal arrangers, coaches, visual artists and more who come together to create content for outreach. We meet virtually (you can join from wherever you are) the first and third Saturday of every month and in person in Sherman Oaks for fellowship, bible study, rehearsal, and project planning. Outreach projects happen throughout the year and include creative projects, CEG Live!, flash mobs, videos , Christmas Choir, outreaching and engaging with disadvantaged communities and more. We would love for you to join us. If interested in helping to lead please email CEG@ChristianEntertainmentGuild. : )
  • Supports CEG ministry projects as well as carefully vetted projects within community that are near or at excellence and portray the true nature of who Christ is in a way that is relevant within pop culture. May be asked to help in creation of content such as trailers to help secure distribution and finance deals with vetted projects.
  • Volunteer team serving the tech needsd of CEG Outreach Team (working with differently abled, and disadvantaged communities) through the arts as well as CEG live events (worship, CEG STudio).
  • CEG professional screenwriters group meets virtually through Zoom the first and third Saturday of every month. Fellowship and peer project sharing. Screenwriters share up to 20 pages for feedback. Group participation requires approval of writing sample and note on how you have studied your craft. Fun group. If you've studied your craft then this could be the group for you.
  • Available and interested in volunteering as needed to support CEG ministry and various projects.
  • Screenwriters who have studied their craft come together for fellowship, project sharing and peer feedback.
  • Please contact me as I would like to talk about how I can financially support the ministry of the Christian Entertainment Guild.
  • Screenwriters group gathering for fellowship, bible study, peer feedback (vetted) and project sharing, special guests and pitch ops.
  • Participate in the development of communications, publicity and promotional materials to support CEG ministries and projects. Writers, publicists, reporters, graphic designers and more. Time commitment is flexible.
  • Considers and helps to develop CEG vetted projects within community that are near or at excellence and portray the true nature of who Christ is in a way that is relevant within pop culture.
  • CEG community members outside of Los Angeles area who want to rally to support release of family projects or lead CEG groups in their area.
  • If you have the gift of hospitality and would love to be a part of creating a joyful, warm, welcoming environment for all from the moment the event or project is created we would love for you to be a part of the CEG Hospitality Team.

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